Specialty Grocery

Specialty Grocery

Much of the specialty goods are locally produced or made, and we encourage those who want to expand their own dreams by investing in their creations, changing our product lines as needed.

Take a stroll around our newly expanded store, where you’ll also discover an astonishing selection of delicious condiments and sauces, European chocolate, fresh pasta, locally-made baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, and much, much more.

We carry a vast variety of ethnic specialty products from around the world. European products that are French, Finn or Yugoslavian, Japanese bean curd, or the Indonesian soya sauce – kecap manis. Check out our mountain maple syrup or birch syrup, champagne vinegar or tamarind paste. Wine juice is available, when in season.

Looking for something special or have suggestions for products? Talk to one of our staff, or Lisa herself, about the possibility of getting it in for you.

What new item will you include in your meal today? Your only limit is your imagination!